Nozzle checks and options

This is what a typical Epson nozzle check looks like. The X represents bad nozzle checks. Our current nozzle check is blue in only Y/PK channels, but with our new Maintenance Fluid with blue dye in it, you will see all nozzles during a nozzle check like below, except they will all be blue.

(1) Power button - turns the printer on/off.

(2) Pause/reset button - the printer enters the pause state, when this button is pressed

in READY mode. When selecting JOB CANCEL, it functions as the reset button. This

buttons clears errors, when it is possible.

(3) Cleaning button - performs the normal cleaning for the print head (all colours). If

you notice the print quality has declined, this will improve the print quality.

(4) Ink cover button - slightly opens the ink cover, selecting OPEN RIGHT COVER

indicated on the display.

(5) Cut button - make sure that this is set to the sheet mode. Otherwise the roll mode

or roll mode with cutter will not work.

(6) Secure button - this button is used to activate the registration system. Use this button to load and release the plate.

When discovering bad channels on the PlateWriter we now have the option to move to different channels. Here is a case sample which shows nozzle loss in the Y2 channel.

PK1                         PK2                        Y1                        Y2

In the device configuration I can choose the good channels, and resume printing. In this example I selected PK1 & Y1 because of the above nozzle check results.






Nozzle Checks & Ink Channels