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The only costs you have, are the plate, the imaging fluid and a maintenance fluid. This is a guide to show you  how much it really will cost to image your plates with an iCtP NewsWriter.


The Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter series is supplied with a sophisticated halftone calibration system to insure consistent halftone output.


Glunz and Jensen’s eXact Registration Technology (X-RT) eliminates positioning difficulties caused when laying down conventional film for exposure with plates.


By integrating proofing support for Epson 4800/4880, 7800/7880 and 9800/9880, Glunz & Jensen has made the PlateWriterTM Series ideal for small print shops and commercial printers.


Glunz and Jensen’s i-Screening delivers the exceptional advantages of error diffusion screening including, total freedom from moire, as well as unparalleled accuracy in reproducing fine detail.


The conventional method of producing continuous-tone images with ink on a printing press is known as the halftone screen. Known by many, more simply as ‘screening’, this is the method used to create and print shades on the press by using a single color ink.


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